Unlock Dual DVD players - DVD hack

Dual 6200 MP / 8200 MP / DVD800 / DVD859 / DVD900

  1. Press OPEN/CLOSE
  2. Press CLEAR
  3. Enter 1, 3, 6, 9
  4. Enter 0 for multi-region or 1-6 for a specific region
  5. Press OPEN/CLOSE
  6. (Press STANDBY)

Dual 7000 MP / 7001 MP

    Method 1:
  1. Turn on the player (empty and closed disc tray)
  2. Press SETUP, NEXT on the remote
  3. Press STOP, PAUSE on the player
  4. Press PREV, NEXT
  5. Select region (codefree=Bypass)
    Method 2:
  1. Press SETUP
  2. Press VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN alternating until "VER X" (X=current RC) is displayed
  3. Press the arrow keys until "VER 255" is displayed
  4. Press SETUP

Dual 8000 MP

  1. Switch the player to standby mode
  2. Press: OPEN/CLOSE (disc tray opens)
  3. Press SETUP
  4. Enter the region (or 0 for multi-region)
  5. Press PAUSE/STEP (not STOP)
  7. Press SETUP

Dual 8100 MP

  1. It has to be no disc inserted
  2. Press MENU
  3. Press 1, 6, 7
  4. Enter desired country code (1-6; 0=codefree)

Dual R-9000 SI

  1. Open tray
  2. Press and hold VOLUME UP button
  4. Use FAST FORWARD to change the last digit (=region) in the OSD
  5. Press and hold ANGLE for about 5 seconds

Dual DP295 / DP350 / DVRW5002 / R-8900 SI

no known hacks

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