Unlock Eltax DVD players - DVD hack

Eltax DV-100

  1. Open the disc tray
  2. Press 728180 (the last digit is the region)

Eltax DVD650S

  1. Open the disc tray
  2. Press 8, 9, 2, 6, X (X = 0 for multi-region and MacroVision disabled; or 1-6)

Eltax DVR-500

  1. The disc tray has to be empty
  2. Enter 0086000
  3. Press SELECT
  4. Power off

Eltax DVR-555

  1. Press SETUP
  2. Enter 9, 8, 7
  3. Press ADD/CLEAR
  4. Press 0
  5. Press SETUP

Eltax MovieStar

multi-region out of the box

Eltax DAC-180, DAC-280, DR-109, DR-110, DV-153, DV-150, DV-200, DV-251, DV-252, DV-280, DV-300, DVD-650, DVD750, HtiB Cinema, MovieBoxx, Spirit, Stratos

no known hacks

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