Unlock Haus DVD players - DVD hack

Haus H-2001-S

  1. Press STOP two times
  2. Press SETUP
  3. Press VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN several times until "VER X" shows up
  4. Select desired RC ("VER 1"-"VER 6"; "VER 255"=codefree) with RIGHT and LEFT
  5. Press SETUP

Haus H-315L-S / H-615L-S

    Method 1:
  1. Turn on the player
  2. When the logo screen appears, press STOP
  3. Press 2, 3, 1 and 7
  4. Enter desired country code (1-6; 0=codefree)
  5. Turn it off
  6. Turn it on
    Method 2:
  1. Press STOP two times
  2. Press 1, 9, 9 and 9
  3. A menu should appear (codefree = All)

Haus H-600L-S

no known hacks

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