Unlock Kendo DVD players - DVD hack

Kendo 530102

  1. Open the disc tray
  2. Press 3, 3, 0, 8
  3. Press the button for the desired RC (0=codefree)
  4. Close the disc tray

Kendo 530103 / DVX9200

  1. Press SETUP
  3. Press SETUP

Kendo DVD8200

  1. Open the disc tray
  2. Press CLEAR
  3. Press 1, 3, 6, 9
  4. Press the button for the desired RC (0=codefree)
  5. Close the disc tray
  6. Turn the player off

Kendo KDV-12

  1. Press setup one time
  2. Press Volume Up, Vol Down, Vol Up, Vol Down
  3. Now you should see "VER 3" in the right corner
  4. Change that to "VER 255" with your navigation button (ie. Left - Right)
  5. Press SETUP twice

Kendo 530101 / DVD 2300 / DVD 2330 / DVD 2400 / DVCR-2600

no known hacks

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