Google AdSense Code Generator (GASCG)


This program allows you to create AdSense code for your content pages on your website.
Just set the options and the AdSense code is ready to be copied.


(this ad was generated using GASCG)
  1. Choose the ad type: Ad unit (Alt+U) / Link unit (Alt+L)
  2. Ad-specific settings:
    1. For Ad units choose the Ad type (Alt+A) and the Layout (Alt+I / Alt+Y)
    2. For Link units choose the number of links (Alt+N) and the Layout (Alt+L)
  3. Select the desired color palette(s) (Alt+P -> Alt+1/2/3/4) or type in your individual colors (hexadecimal, up to 16.7 million colors). The current color palette is being displayed in the right preview field. If you want to see the colors set, click on Preview (Alt+W).
  4. Do the other settings. Do change the number of the client!
  5. Activate the Preview (Alt+R) if you want to see a preview when the code is generated. You have to be online to see the preview. Public service ads will be displayed in (one of) the chosen color(s).
  6. Click on Generate (Alt+E).
  7. Copy (Alt+B) the code into the clipboard if neccessary.

Attention: According to Google one has to copy the AdSense code directly from their web page and is not allowed to change it. If you are not sure whether the code is valid or not, don't use it.

Download: (250KB)

No installation required.

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